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Practical applications of CFD in the water industry

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Process design and operation brings a lot of questionsA scheme showing bubbles, reactions, solids settling and reactor design

It saves time, effort and cost overall. The time to set up a trial, run it and have meaningful data can take a lot of effort. By modeling the trial, we realized that none of the options would have worked for us and we needed to look at alternatives

Clemence Carlinet - Watercare

Thanks to the cooperation with AM-Team we were able to reduce the reactor design piloting phase with at least 3 months,  saving us a lot of stainless steel construction work, a lot of trouble and a lot of money.

Ir. Kevin Van de Merlen - Pureblue

Because we understand your process, we understand your needs

Our unique blend of advanced modelling expertise and process understanding leads to very realistic 3D models and makes working with us highly efficient and objective oriented.

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How to minimise regrowth risk in water towers and large reservoirs by mixing optimisation - Part 1

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Non optimal mixing in wastewater treatment plant, showing gas accumulation

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