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Wastewater treatment and resource recovery

We have experience with a wide array of wastewater treatment and resource recovery technologies (see below). During ‘what-if' scenario testing, we vary operational and design parameters to improve effluent quality, lower energy consumption, increase capacity and reliability and maximise product quality.

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Processes we have experience with

Biological nutrient removal

Resource recovery and other processes

How we help wastewater treatment practitioners

Experimental testing at full scale is time consuming, expensive and might go wrong. AM-TEAM’s realistic 3D model of our 750,000 pe plant allowed for structured testing with more flexibility and less operational risks.

Dr. Stefan Weijers - Waterboard De Dommel

It saves time, effort and cost overall. The time to set up a trial, run it and have meaningful data can take a lot of effort. By modeling the trial, we realized that none of the options would have worked for us and we needed to look at alternatives

Clemence Carlinet - Watercare

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