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Leading edge EBPR modelling - globally unique

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Enhanced Biological Phosphorous Removal (EBPR) receives a lot of interest worldwide. AM-TEAM has world's most advanced CFD-BioP model. Activated sludge is fermented either in the mainstream or sidestream (S2EBPR) to produce the VFAs essential for BioP uptake. One of the important questions is how mixing impacts EBPR: how to optimally operate and design anaerobic zones and how to properly model low or intermitted mixing in commercially available process modelling software.


With different expert partners worldwide we are trying to establish intelligent mixing: first understanding how mixing impacts the process in different ways and then using this knowledge to establish reliable EBPR in a standardized way. This case shows the modelling of a full-scale Unmixed Inline Fermenter (UMIF).

The model realistically accounts for:

  • 2 separate phases (water and sludge),whereby the sludge blanket and sludge settling in general is realistically modelled
  • Biokinetic conversion of carbon, nitrogen and phosphorous

This leads to 3D process understanding that was never available before.

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