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Assuring equal flow distribution


Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulation is very well know for the great capabilities in prediction flow distribution performance and mixing. Uneven flow distribution has drastic negative impact on treatment performance and can be perfectly avoided in the design stage using CFD. Different design configurations, channel/pipe diameters, openings, ... can be easily evaluated at different flow rates.

CFD simulation to make sure the flow is equally divided

For a multitude of utility and engineering customers, we have simulated and challenged flow splitting and distribution designs. Risks and problems become visible immediately, and we suggest and test design improvements.

Critical factors that we typically assess include:

  • Pipe and channel geometries (slope, width, shape, ...)
  • Flow openings
  • Flow rates (can vary significantly at full-scale)

With usually little effort, we can get the deviation of different flows within 5% deviation.

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