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This is AM-TEAM

Our customers, from all over the globe (currently Europe, North America, Middle East, Asia, Oceania) can rely on leading edge simulation service and see the state of the art continuously being pushed in the direction of their needs. AM-TEAM has a large team of full-time simulation engineers that can handle large projects in reasonable time.

AM-TEAM continuously:

  • Develops new process models and methodologies to maximise customer experience and serve new needs
  • Disseminates knowledge at international high-level events and publishes new findings in peer reviewed scientific papers, often together with customers
  • Invests in new hardware and software to maximise simulation speed and accuracy

Two people discussing CFD outcomes

Why our customers are so happy

We are obsessed by our customer satisfaction. These high customer satisfaction ratings are caused by the practicality and uniqueness of our simulation work and excellent customer-centric service.

AM-TEAM customer satisfaction scores

Where our customers are located

We have ongoing projects in almost every timezone.

World map showing AM-TEAM customer locations


Wim Audenaert, PhD, Eng


Wim takes care of general management and business development. He has MSc and PhD degrees in environmental process technology. He still co-supervises PhD students and is invited regularly to speak at international events. He serves as an editor for two scientific journals. It is definetely worth following Wim on LinkedIn where he has active presence.

Usman Rehman, PhD, Eng


Usman is an internationally recognized advanced process simulation expert. He is uniquely specialised in integrating process knowledge (e.g. kinetics) with single and multiphase CFD modelling. During the last 10 years, he simulated numerous (large) industrial process installations. Usman leads the technical developments within the company and mentors junior engineers. Apart from other scientific contributions, he has co-authored a book on CFD for water applications. Check our publications section to download and view published material.

Ingmar Nopens, PhD, Eng


Ingmar manages project operations within AM-TEAM and is full professor at Ghent University, where he leads the BIOMATH research team, specialised in model-based bioprocess analysis & optimisation. He is a leading expert in state-of-the-art process modelling with over 200 peer reviewed journal publications related to water, process and pharma industry. Check our publications section for published material and full description of BIOMATH.

Simon Duchi, ir.

Advanced modelling engineer

Simon is process engineer by training (environmental technology) and is specialised in multiphase CFD projects (2-phase and 3-phase).

Daria Sudrawska, ir.

Advanced modelling engineer

Daria is mechanical engineer by training and has a solid background on numerical simulation. She especially works on projects for the process industry customers.

Miguel Daza, ir.

Advanced modelling engineer

Miguel has MSc degrees in both chemical and environmental engineering. He combines a thorough process knowledge with passion for single and multiphase CFD.

Giacomo Bellandi, PhD, ir.

Senior modelling expert

Giacomo has MSc and PhD degrees in environmental technology. He is a leading expert in kinetic process modelling. He manages and contributes in several projects in which kinetics are involved.

Eshwar Ramasetti, PhD, ir.

Senior modelling expert

Eshwar is a mechanical engineer and has a PhD in process engineering. He is uniquely specialised in multiphase CFD and has specific knowledge on specific liquid properties modelling.

Veerle Bultinck

Office manager

Veerle manages the administrative part of the company and contributes to strategic development and continuous development of workflows.

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