Advanced modelling for process optimisation, design and accelerated scale-up

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Water and wastewater

Water wastewater CFD

Pharmaceutical manufacturing

Pharma CFD

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Process optimisation

Process optimisation

Lowering operational costs, improving process performance and reliability, increasing product quality and yield, system screening and troubleshooting.learn more

Process design

Effective design and retrofitting

Design of novel reactor systems, checking if new equipment meets criteria, virtual testing of new designs, effective retrofitting learn more

Process scale-up

Accelerated scale-up

Saving upscaling cost and effort, lowering time to market. learn more

AM-TEAM is a Ghent University spinoff company that relies on more than 11y of process modelling experience. We have proprietary models and make combinations of those, tailored to our clients needs. As our simulations closely match reality, intensive trial-and-error methodologies can be reduced or replaced, saving you time and money but also leading to more effective processes:

  • Fast and low-risk evaluation of different system configurations and operational settings prior to implementation
  • Clear visualisation of both mixing and important process phenomena (e.g. reactions)
  • Acquisition of new process insights which you are not able to acquire by applying trial-and-error approaches
Combining process knowledge ((bio) chemical phenomena, gas/liquids/solids, ...) with computational fluid dynamics (CFD) (see figure) is our key to success. We are continuously developing new models to stay on the forefront of advanced model application.
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