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Our simulation magic

AM-TEAM uniquely combines process understanding with in depth computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modelling knowledge. Our services help process operators, technology companies and consultants getting the process performance they desire based on unprecedented virtual testing with unique  CFD models. Our clients include the industry leaders, innovative SMEs and major corporations. AM-TEAM has ongoing projects in Europe, North-America, Middle East, Asia and Oceania.

A project always starts with making the objectives crystal clear. Based on these objectives, we define which models to use. The best models are often the simplest models that lead to the objectives.

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Highly realistic and accurate system and reactor models

By being so realistic, our cutting-edge simulations reduce, replace or complement physical experimenting, or make it more valuable, not to mention the potential time and cost savings and process improvements.


Advanced modelling projects are surprisingly easy to start

Starting a project with us is surprisingly easy. Our models are based on physics and chemistry and need limited input. We clearly tell you what we need on beforehand.

Tangible results within a few days or weeks.

  • The required process and operational data is mostly existing and readily available
  • Little or no on-site work is required
  • The modelling work can be done remotely
  • Most projects finish within 2-8 weeks


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We make it work the way you want

  • Together with you we clearly define objectives and deliverables at the start
  • We meet weekly, biweekly or monthly with your technologists
  • We maintain strict confidentiality for our clients’ proprietary processes

In the international spotlight

AM-TEAM operates at the forefront of advanced model development and application and is scientifically recognized. Clients have the opportunity to publish or present at high-level international conferences together with AM-TEAM.

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We are open innovators and like project communication. AM-TEAM has put our project in the international spotlight.

Dr. Stefan Weijers - Waterboard De Dommel

Instead of thinking about ways how reduce costs for piloting your new concept, we used our creativity to make a system with the lowest operational cost. The money spent on modelling was easily earned back by halving our total development time.

Ir. Kevin Van de Merlen - Pureblue


Find out how our simulations can help your business

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