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Effective process optimisation through simulation

It's hard to troubleshoot and optimise existing processes. Measurements and on-site tests are also time taking and expensive, and testing flexibility is constrained.

Instead, we simulate your process realistically using well established computational fluid dynamics (CFD) models. After troubleshooting, we can use the same CFD model to optimise the process, by testing different solutions virtually before implementation. For example, we alter dosing location, mixer type, inlet structure, flow rates, ... This is efficient and effective and accelerates the problem solving, saves costs, lowers risk and increases your confidence in the solution.

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CFD simulation showing air distribution (gas holdup) in wastewater WWTP

The benefits of model-based process optimisation

A scheme outlining the benefits of computational fluid dynamics simulation

How we troubleshoot and improve your process on the computer

The impact of the following operational and reactor settings can be assessed virtually:

  • Operational settings
  • Flow rates of liquid and gas
  • Operational cycle times
  • Gas properties and bubble sizes
  • Viscosity
  • Concentrations of solutes and chemicals
  • Reaction properties
  • Temperature
  • Reactor settings
  • Positioning of critical reactor parts (e.g. baffle, aerators, …)
  • Impeller type and speed
  • Inlet, outlet configuration
  • ...

AM-TEAM was able to deliver project results fast, based on an excellent approach and in depth expertise

ir. Jantinus Bruins, senior technologist - WLN/WBG

Reactor improvement using modelling not only saved us a lot of money, but also shortened the time to market so we could earn back the development costs a lot faster.

Ir. Kevin Van de Merlen - Pureblue

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