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Water and wastewater treatment


  • Bellandi G, De Mulder C, Van Hoey S, Rehman U, Amerlinck Y, Guo L, Vanrolleghem P, Weijers S, Gori R, Nopens I. 2019.
    Tanks in series versus compartmental model configuration: considering hydrodynamics helps in parameter estimation for an N2O model Water Science & Technology
    79(1) 73-82 Email us for full text


  • Nopens I. and Rehman U. 2018
    Book chapter: Mixing - new insights and opportunities through computational fluid dynamics Advances in wastewater treatment.
    51:14233-14243 Download book chapter
  • Chys M, Audenaert W, et al. 2018
    Surrogate-Based Correlation Models in View of Real-Time Control of Ozonation of Secondary Treated Municipal Wastewater - Model Development and Dynamic Validation Environmental Science & Technology. 51:14233-14243 Email us for full text
  • Chys M, Audenaert W, et al. 2018.
    Dynamic validation of online applied and surrogate-based models for tertiary ozonation on pilot-scale Chemosphere. 196:494-501 Email us for full text
  • Arnaldos M, Rehman U, Audenaert W, Naessens W, Amerlinck Y, Nopens I. 2018.
    Understanding the effects of bulk mixing on the determination of the affinity index: consequences for process operation and design Water Science & Technology. 77(3):576-588 Email us for full text
  • Rehman U, Audenaert W, Amerlinck Y, Maere T, Arnaldos M, Nopens I. 2018.
    How well-mixed is well mixed? Hydrodynamic – biokinetic model integration in an aerated tank of a full scale water resource recovery facility. Water Science & Technology. Email us for full text
  • Chys M, Demeestere K, Nopens I, Audenaert W, Van Hulle S. 2018
    Municipal wastewater effluent characterization and variability analysis in view of an ozone dose control strategy during tertiary treatment: The status in Belgium Science of the Total Environment. 625:1198-1207 Email us for full text

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