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Water tower optimisation - Reducing the risk of bad mixing to guarantee water quality

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Drinnking waterWater storage

Objective: limit water tower risk

With our client Pidpa we are working on a project to optimise the mixing in multiple water tower towers. Although water towers are 'simple' means for storage and distribution, attention must be given to optimal mixing for optimal drinking water quality. Pidpa wanted to limit the risk on water 'aging' and hence, regrowth. CFD gave the necessary insights to improve mixing with simple measures. We applied a multiphase model and found a fast way to estimate the mixing and water aging during 7 days of operation. (do you want more information? Read the full article)

Major findings

  • Even in smaller volumes (eg 600m³),mixing must be accounted for
  • Positions of inlet and outlet and operational settings are crucial
  • Aspect ration and filling height are also impacting mixing significant

Further reading: full article available

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